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Welcome to The St Ives and Carbis Bay Memory Cafe!

St Ives and Carbis Bay Memory Cafe

2 September 2021

Dear friend,

Welcome to The St. Ives and Carbis Bay Memory Café!

As you will be aware, some of those in the community who have memory issues and their
carers meet with our great band of volunteers at the Carbis Bay Memorial Hall from 2 to 4
p.m. every first and third Thursday of each month.

At each Café session we provide a variety of entertainments, ranging from arts and crafts to
gentle exercise, including lots of music and sing along, quizzes, dance and movement for
those who can. There is no requirement to provide any medical evidence of any memory
problem. Nor is there any membership fee, but some like to make a small contribution
occasionally to help towards the cost of the tea or coffee and cakes that we provide at every

We very much look forward to seeing you at the Café as often as possible!

Very best regards,

Vic Wallis

Team Captain, St. Ives and Carbis Bay Memory Café